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Blue Falcon 4 years ago
I need more backstory. What unit is this? Why are the two on extra duty? Are they privafes? Are they married? Is the man married to a dependapotomous that is one snickers away from diabetes? Will she end up pregs and Will she sharp him the next morning?
This is an episode of lost. I have 93 questions and no answers.
Bob 4 years ago
dude tried his hardest not to cum
Commandor 4 years ago
So this is why I didn't get my cofee right away. SMH
Nope 4 years ago
Not real military.
Fake 4 years ago
No one would wear camo underwear, especially when that’s not government issue.
4 years ago
Who else found this on Chug For Vets
I know her 4 years ago
We used to call her clearing barrel
General 4 years ago
Fuckers I'll make sure u get suspended
Jerk it 4 years ago
You know somewhere somebody’s wife’s getting fucked like this while her phone vibrates on and on
Super hot video! 4 years ago
I love how crazy horny she is. I swear you can fell the heat radiating from her lips when she bends over. That's why he busts so fast. Should have just kept on pumping his hips after cumming.